Alternative Name(s): Safety Hat, Safety Helmet

Duperite moulded plastic hard hat, type DP 2656. Brown plastic with fibre grain structure. Ribbed top for strength. Made in Australia, about 1950s.

Probably maufactured by Moulded Products (Australasia) Ltd (later known as Nylex), who marketed plastic products under the 'Duperite' brandname from the 1930s.
'Duperite' was made from a moulded thiourea-formaldehyde resin powder, originally developed the British Cyanide Company in 1928, also known as 'Beetle' powder.
Probably acquired as an example of Australian-made synthetic polymer products.

Physical Description

Hard hat with round dome and brim. Ridges across the crown provide reinforcing. Hat has lacing holes around head periphery, for internal skull cover.

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