Topo robot, with manuals, software and Apple IIe computer, in original packing. Made by Androbot Inc. in USA, circa 1984. Robot is a mobile unit, with infra-red communication to computer, inbuilt speech synthesizer, and internal motors allowing up to 3 hours' movement. A battery charger is included. Used by donor's company for trade fairs and general publicity purposes.

To operate the robot, 16 hours of recharging the battery is required. It would require an experienced person about a day's work on the Apple computer to enable the robot to talk. The battery may start leaking. Removal of the battery requires dismantling of the object. This would have to be done by a person experienced in mechanical disassembly.

Physical Description

Predominantly cream-coloured plastic robot with a basically anthropomorphic shape ie. head, shoulders, waist and legs. There are black plastic features including stick-on bands and grills at the 'face' and 'chest' areas. Two black disks at the 'leg' areas appear to contribute to the mobility of the piece when activated. There are transparent orange plastic inserts within the casings over these wheels which reveal small red/orange lights. A small control panel appears to be at the rear of the robot that has a protruding red and green button. The accessories include: a console, monitor transmission pod, command control box, two disk drives, light pen in plastic wallet with instruction leaflet, KoalaPad Touch Pad with touch pencil and diskette, and a base with Wheels Manuals: 1. Owner's Manual - Apple Music II, 2. Topo Owner's Manual, 3. Installation & Operating Manual for Apple II Super Serial Card, 4. Owner's Manual - KoalaWare, Micro Illustrator 5. Owner's Manual - Koala Pad, TouchTablet Software on 5¼" floppy disks: 6. DOS 3.3 Basics 7. Applesoft AM II software 8. Public domain software APDL - 1007 / Apple II 9. DOS 3.3 Developer's System Master for Apple II, II+, //e 10. Micro Illustrator 11. DOS Tool Kit Programming Utilities 12. Apple Writer 1.1 Text Processing System Backup 13. DOS 3.3 System Master 14. Apple-cillin II / Diagnostics for Apple II or II+ with manual entitled "Apple-Cillin II". Other items: 1. spare integrated circuits and circuit board 2. three computer cables 3. rechargeable battery 4. two power adaptors and two mains cables.

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