Electronic typewriter with text formatting features and limited electronic memory made by Exxon Information Systems in the United States in 1980. This machine was designed for the production of high-quality presentation typewritten material. This example is a level one system. There were four extra levels available involving the addition of disc drives and further memory and word processing functions. This particular unit was purchased by the donor from Datronics, of South Melbourne, who were the local agents. It was used in journalism and public relations work, but apparently suffered from frequent electronic faults.

Physical Description

Black plastic case . Cylindrical platen 385 mm wide. Hinged plastic cover over printing mechanism and circuitry. Fixed slotted cover behind platen, covering electronisc circuitry. Four-row QWERTY keyboard with 44 character keys in rectangular array plus seven additional control keys. Another set of seven control keys in rectangular array to left of keyboard with a single key labelled 'CODE' between the two. A further array of 13 keys to right of keyboard with 'ON/OFF' rocker switch between the two. Illuminated display above keyboard.

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