Model of a three furrow stump jump mouldboard "Sunrise" plough. The model was made by H.V. McKay, at Sunshine, Victoria, between 1905 and 1915.
A 1906 product catalogue produced by H.V.McKay, entitled 'SUNSHINE Machinery & Implements', p. described the impact of the Sunshine stump-jump mouldboard plough as follows:
"Since the recent introduction of this Plough into the Mallee Districts of Australasia, it has literally jumped into the front rank of Stump Jump Ploughs from sheer force of merit, excellency of design, skill and honesty of construction. The frame and bodies are made from the best quality Spring Steel procurable, ..."

The "Sunrise" plough was also produced with 5, 6 and 8 furrows.

Stump jump ploughs were first manufactured by Braybrook Implement Co. in 1890. H. V. McKay acquired the Braybrook works in 1904 and continued production.

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