Intellec 8-84a microcomputer system comprising CPU unit, memory box and dual 8 inch floppy disk drives. CPU Made by Intel in the United States of America, disk drive unit made by ICOM, and memory box appears to be home made. circa 1978.
Lower disk drive has CPM boot disk.

Physical Description

* CPU Unit: Rectangular box with blue covers and black front and rear panels. Front panel has two rows of switches and three rwos of lights for setting and observing the status of the system. Key switch one front left corner acts as the power switch. Below is green ZIF (zero insertion force) integrated circuit socket for installation of an EPROM memory device to be programmed. Rear has multiple flat grey ribbon cables emerging, some of which are permantly attached to the disk drive unit, and others destined for the memory box. Cooling fan located in the centre of the rear panel. * Memory Box: Light blue rectangular box, with power switch, power indicator and locking latch on front panel. Rear panel has cooling fan centrally located and power cable emerging from the left corner. Piano hinge joins the top panel to the top of the rear pane for access to the internals. Slot along the bottom of the rear panel allows the connection of data cables to the CPU unit. * Floppy Disk Drive Unit: Blue rectangular box with natural aluminium front panel and black rear panel. Front panel two has 8-inch floppy disk drives mounted to the left, and power switch in the top right corner. Rear panel has two cooling fans mounted to the left and right and fuse holder in the centre with flat grey data cables emerging from a slot located along the top. Lower disk drive has CPM disk loaded.

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