Briquette (coal) press model designed and made in Germany. This model was brought to Australia by General Sir John Monash in 1919. This type of equipment was later used by Yallourn, Victoria.

In May 1919, General Monash was asked by the Victorian Agent General in London to help 'liberate' technical secrets from German brown coal mining companies in the Rhine Valley. Monash immediately dispatched a trusted deputy, Major Noel Mulligan. In just four weeks of clandestine activity, Mulligan amassed a large collection of engineering drawings, photographs and technical data, including this working model of the latest German briquette press design.

The information was later enormously valuable to the State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SECV) in its endeavours to develop Victoria's brown coal resources in the Latrobe Valley.

Physical Description

Scale working model, metal, mounted on wooden base with painted tin surface.

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