Rock drill. Schumann's patent rock drill worked by compressed air. Eighteen sixties. Model. Scale 1:3.

Rock drill of type formerly used in the Freiberg Mining District, Saxony. Constructed on same principle as the drills used in excavating the railway tunnel through Mount Cenis tunnel in the Alps. The museum has a letter from the designer, Carl Schumann, giving an explanation (in German) of the machine. See National Museum Catalogue of Min., Met., Geol. & Agri. Models, p.16, no. 15926 and Plates VI, VII, Figs. 1-6.

This model is noted as a "Working Model of Portable Compressed Air Boring Apparatus (Schumann's Patent)" in the Catalogue of the National Museum 1869, The model scale is noted as 1 inch to the foot (1:4) and the wood frame as 1.5 inch to the foot (1:8). Details of its operation can be found in the Catalogue.

This model was acquired for the National Museum of Victoria mining collection in 1865 and later transferred to the Industrial & Technological Museum in 1870.

Physical Description

Model of a metal drill with working gears and pistons. The model has been bolted onto a wooden mount.

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