Mining model made by Carl Nordstrom in early 1858. It depicts an inclined double tramroad with hauling gear and brake and a scale 1:16. Model built by Swedish-born miner and model-maker Carl Nordstrom in early 1858. Commissioned by Professor McCoy at a cost of 10 pounds.

It is part of a series of ten models depicting aspects of mining techniques on the Victorian goldfields, built between 1857 and 1860, by the Swedish-born miner Carl Nordström for Professor Fredrick McCoy, founding director of the National Museum of Victoria. In May 1856, McCoy was appointed as chair of the three-member Mining Commission of Victoria, established by the Victorian Legislative Assembly to investigate 'the modes of working or procuring and treating ores' on the Victorian goldfields. McCoy was originally introduced to Nordström, through the mining engineer, Henry Smith, who he met when the Mining Commission visited Ballarat and it was through the Commission that McCoy secured government funding for the construction of the models.

Physical Description

Painted plaster model of an incline made of earth, rising at around eight degrees, on which there are three figures and rails, inside a wooden case with glass on five sides. One figure is at the base of the incline with a rectangular grey trolley with a rope attached, the rope goes up the incline to the second figure using a wooden winch, a third figure on the other side of the winch has another rectangular grey trolley.

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