N. C. R. magnetic card peripheral storage for computer use. The unit consists of a card reader/writer. Each card could store 10,850 12 - bit words. 256 cards could be used in the system. The console unit could select a single magnetic card from the 256 cards in the magazine assembly, transport the selected card over the 56 read-write heads and then return the card to the magazine assembly. Made by National Cash Register Company in the United States of America, about 1963.

Physical Description

(1) Card reader: Large mainly beige coloured metal cabinet with a door in the front and two doors at the back (each with ventilation grids with fans). The front door has a window at the top left hand corner revealing a control panel. The front door is cut away on the top right hand side revealing part of the card moving mechanism, which includes a box with a large number of cards. The box has a window in it. The cards are shiny on one side and dull on the other. The top card only has a shiny yellow surface on one side and a dull black surface on the other. Opening the front door reveals electronic circuity and more of the card moving mechanism. Opening the back doors reveals electronic circuitry and the complex arrangement of piping, pulley systems and motors of the card moving mechanism. There are two pull-out modules (one above the other) at the back on the bottom left. (1a) Box of cards: Each card has a serated end in a pattern that probably identifies the card number. Accompanying the machine: (2) a print-out, a length of metal with u shaped cross section, a metal plate and a small plastic bag of screws, washers and nuts. (3) Paper document # 1: Yellowed single printed form with some handwritten annotations, with two holes on one side. (4)Paper document # 2: Piece of paper with yellowed transparent tape around its edges; presumably a label that has detached from its position on an item. (5) Metal support, detached from inside machine.

More Information

  • Collecting Areas

    Information & Communication

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from T.& G. Insurance, 06/1979

  • Manufacturer

    National Cash Register Company (NCR), United States of America, circa 1963

  • Inscriptions

    (1) Card reader: Front top: NCR 353 Arrow shaped label on inside front below box of cards: LOAD CARDS WITH DULL SIDE IN DIRECTION OF ARROW Back right top Metal sticker: THE NATIONAL CASH REGISTER COMPANY / ELECTRONICS DIVSION / HAWTHORNE, CALIFORNIA / TRACER 225 SER 6819970 / MODEL NO. 353-1 Metallised sticker: (NCR logo) HAWTHORNE / 225(handwritten) Top pull-out module (back left bottom) metal sticker: (NCR logo) POWER SUPPLY / NCR-ED PT. NO. H60011 REV. C / MANUFACTURED FOR / THE NATIONAL CASH REGISTER CO. / ELECTRONICS DIVSION / HAWTHORNE, CALIF. / BY / POWER EQUIPMENT CO. / MFR. PT. NO. 2722 SER. NO. 168285 Bottom pull-out module (back left bottom) metal sticker: (CON AVIONICS logo) / WESTBURY, NEW YORK / MODEL NO. H60017 / SERIAL NO. 10106 Stencilled writing: RE-1 (1a) Box of cards: DECK No.: 1938 / (handwritten) PROG LIBY VACC / BACKUP(in brackets) Top card in box: 1938 (on yellow surface) (3) Paper document # 1: RECORD OF MACHINE TIME EDP / 3033-2 - T & G - 2-76 / (text) / 17-7-76 /(text) Rear: SCIENCE / MUSEUM OF VIC / refer R (illegible) / (symbol?) / 85 (4) Paper document # 2: Over Voltage Protection (line to above 'Protection' to illegible word beginning with 'c') / for - 8V (bracket)SCR ID(bracket) / is discontinued / (bracket)Heatsink # 5(bracket) / 15-08-9(?)4 / J C Rear: (illegible) / 615 4317 / (arrow)

  • Brand Names

    NCR (Computer Components)

  • Classification

    Computing & calculating, Digital computing, Storage and retrieval

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    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    900 mm (Width), 640 mm (Depth), 1545 mm (Height)
    Measurement From Conservation.

  • Keywords

    Cash Registers, Computer Components, Computer Memory Devices, Computers, Computing