Hand operated spin dryer was manufactured by A. Hands, Camperdown, N.S.W., circa 1924.

At the time this spin dryer was manufactured, electrically powered dryers were available to the consumer. The take-up of electrically powered spin dryers was slow however, because a pre-requisite of purchasing such appliances was that a house be connected to the electrical grid. In 1922, only 34% of all houses in Victoria had electrical connections.

Physical Description

A hand powered spin dryer, the cylindrical drum painted blue. EXTERIOR - 2 horizontal bands, 1 top and 1 lower edge. Oval metal tag applied centre. TOP: iron hand turning mechanism attached, with 4 cogs. 3 iron struts height of unit attached to top, with holes at base for bolting to surface. LID: 1/3 width of top. INTERIOR: DRUM: regularly pierced on side. Flat base with central bolt. Across top, iron support, from which agitator would have been connected (missing)

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