Model of a Morse telegraph set, to approximately half-scale, and consists of a key, a sounder, and an inking register (driven by clockwork), all mounted on a wooden baseboard.

In the 'Official Record of the Melbourne International Exhibition 1880-1881, Jury Reports, Jury Section XXIX, Class 63, Telegraphic Apparatus and Processes, p. 161, Electric Telegraph Instruments', there appears the entry:
'Myers, N., Melbourne. Model Morse Apparatus. This is a small working model of a complete table set of Morse's instruments, of the older style, fairly constructed. Fifth award.'
The 'Age' for 4 October, 1880, in reviewing the Victorian exhibits at the International Exhibition, mentions that, with others,
'. William Myers, 65 Little Lonsdale-street west, each show clocks of various sizes, which serve to indicate the several styles which are now made, and which are fairly creditable productions.'
The Sands & McDougall Directory for 1880 lists a William Myers at 65 Little Lonsdale-street west, but has no listing for an N. Myers anywhere in Melbourne.
It thus appears possible that this object is a model Morse telegraph system, made by William Myers, possibly a clockmaker, of 65 Little Lonsdale-street west, and exhibited at the Melbourne International Exhibition 1880-1881.

Physical Description

Half scale model of a Morse telegraph set

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