Automatic electric combination clothes and dish washing machine called the 'Automagic'. This unconventional dual-purpose machine was produced in the 1940s or 1950s under licence in Australia, for the United States of America brandname 'Thor'.

The 'Thor' washing machine brand was named after the powerful Norse god of thunder, who is associated with power and force. The names 'Automagic' and 'Thor' in the branding of this machine are an example of clever copywriting that was designed to sell the machine, by suggesting that it had the power to eliminate the hard work and drudgery of clothes and dish washing. Although the name was intended to create the impression that it made washing effortless, in reality using this machine was still hard work.

This machine was acquired by the donor when they purchased a deceased estate. The original owner bought the machine second-hand to use as a washing machine. The internal rack for washing dishes is missing.

Physical Description

Rectangular, box-like shape with rounded edges, a white enamel coating and a green lid. It measures 95 cm x 62 cm x 62 cm. It consists of an electric motor with two interchangeable galvanised tubs. The user switched functions by replacing the dishwashing tub with the laundry-washing tub and vice versa. Model Number 2244A.

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