Artificial heart ventricle assist device made from rubber, plastic and metal. Manufactured by Talon Technology, NSW in 1991.

The artificial heart is also known as ventricle assist device. This is specifically a left ventricle assist device (LVAD).

The unit is designed to be used externally of the body. Its purpose was to replace heart function for a short period of time during surgery, such as during heart transplant surgery. More contemporary artifical hearts can be implanted inside the body.

Physical Description

Consists of a thermoplastic resin chamber with woven thermoplastic resin band secured by a metal screw and nut. One hemisphere of the chamber has a raised ridge with a metal hose nipple screwed into it. The other hemisphere incorporates an inlet and outlet in the moulding. Each of these has a short length of silicone rubber tubing attached. One contains an inwards opening mitral valve (inlet) and a tapered metal tube, the other contains an outwards opening (outlet) valve and a tapered metal tube.


Example of contemporary medical prosthetics used in Victoria, Australia.

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