Alternative Name(s): Tow Bar

Triangular towing frame made by Scienceworks Engineering Workshop to enable hay baler to be towed by the Chamberlain tractor or forklift for movement to and from the SW Arena and Garage. Temporary replacement for original wooden towing pole & hitch.

Summary for Parent Object:
Portable hay baling press manufactured by International Harvester Co., about 1945. "McCormick-Deering" brand. This hay press was built at the International Harvester factory in North Geelong just after World War II. Its design featured improvements like low-friction roller bearings, but within ten years it was superseded by more modern self-tying pick-up balers that could be towed behind a tractor. One person could then bale as much hay in few hours, as it took five men all day with this machine.

The introduction of power-driven hay presses, or hay balers, in the early 1900s revolutionised Australian farming practices, making it far easier to handle, store and transport fodder for stock feed.

Physical Description

Triangular shaped frame fabricated from mild steel rod with circular towing hitch at centre apex and hinged attachment plates at two outer ends. Attached to original front axle with U-bolts.

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