The editing control unit connected the program preparation keyboard to the 12 hole paper tape punch and reader that were allotted specifically to the off-line program preparation equipment.

The editing control unit is part of the original equipment designed and built in 1948/9 in Sydney. The socket for the card punch is evidence of that; CSIR Mk 1 (later CSIRAC) first used punch cards for input and output.

The date range (1949-1964) is given to indicate that changes were made to structure and circuitry over the period of CSIRAC's working life.

Inside the rack, a line of six sockets can be seen at the bottom of the vertically mounted chassis that also holds relays and valves. The four larger sockets were connections to the 12 hole paper tape punch, a card punch, a paper tape reader and the keyboard.

(A rack is a metal frame into which modular components (chasses) were bolted. The standard width was 19 inch.)

The lower part of the rack contains a power supply.

Physical Description

Rectangular metal cabinet with rear cover and front cover.

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