Gents quartz wrist watch, 'Bark Bark', GR 118, Swatch SA, Switzerland, 1994.

One of 91 Swatch watches purchased from the Swatch spring/summer 1994 collection.

Swatches were first created in 1983 in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. It was at a time when the popularity of digital watches was increasing and challenging more traditional mechanical watch styles. Swatch decided to come up with an affordable and innovative alternative that would also ensure watches could continue being successfully made in Switzerland. They wanted to set the pace for future watch design and useability. The original concept was that a Swatch watch was not intended to be a person's treasured keepsake, or indeed their primary watch, but their second watch, their 'Swatch'. Something that could be enjoyed, reflect a mood or time in one's life then be disposed of or replaced.

Physical Description

Black circular face with red heart and two blue dogs. Red plastic case. Diamond shaped pattern on plastic strap, red buckle. In box with warranty & instructions. Quartz movement.

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