Artificial nose prosthesis attached to spectacles. This nasal prosthesis is made from silicone rubber and plasticised PVC. It was created by Michael Greve in the Prosthetics Laboratory at the Preston and Northcote Community Hospital (PANCH) in Preston, Victoria in 1991.

Prosthetic noses restore a portion or the entire nose or midface. The nasal prosthesis provides a form of rehabilitation when surgical reconstruction of a nose is not viable or not preferred by the patient. Artificial/prosthetic noses provide support for a pair of glasses. Prosthetic noses can be attached to the patient either via a skin adhesive or osseointegrated craniofacial implants. Prosthetic plastic noses are made of a medical silicone which is colored to match the natural nose skin tissue of each patient.

Physical Description

Artificial nose attached to pair of spectacles. External prosthesis made of silicone rubber and plasticised PVC, and coloured with a range of artificial dyes and tints.


Example of contemporary medical prosthetics used in Victoria, Australia.

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