Babcock & Wilcox boiler with longitudinal steam and water drum, made circa 1922. The model is fitted with superheater and chain grate stoker.

Physical Description

Model of a Babcock & Wilcox water tube boiler. This boiler is a horizontal, externally fired, natural circulation, stationary, water tube boiler, which consists of four key parts: water and steam drum, water tubes, chain grate stoker and superheater tubes. The water and steam drum is suspended from iron girders resting on the iron columns, and is independent of the brick work it is set in. A number of inclined water tubes at a very low inclination are connected at right angles to the end boxes called headers. The grate is provided at the front end below the uptake header. The chain grate stoker, consists of a slowly moving endless chain of grate bars. The superheater consists of number of U-tubes secured at each end to the horizontal connecting boxes and placed in the combustion chamber below the boiler drum.

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