1:16 scale model of a Vickers Vimy Bomber aeroplane.

Aircraft History: The Vimy was designed by Vickers Ltd as a bomber during the First World War. It became well-known in the years following the war for being flown by Alcock and Brown on the first trans-Atlantic flight in 1919 and for the 1919 first flight from Britain to Australia by Ross and Keith Smith with mechanics Bennett and Shiers. This aircraft carried the registration letters G-EAOU which the crew jokingly believed stood for 'God 'Elp All Of Us' and is now displayed at Adelaide Airport. It was powered by a pair of Roll-Royce Eagle VIII engines.

Model History: 1:16 scale model commissioned by the Museum and built by Harold P. Wood. It was delivered to the Museum in 1923 as the first of a total of 21 models Wood built for the Museum over 44 years. It represents the Vimy flown by Ross and Keith Smith (G-EAOU) from Britain to Australia in 1919. It was built from measurements taken from the original aircraft when it was displayed at the Australian War Museum in the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

Physical Description

Model of a bi-plane with two propellors. The plane has a ski at the front, under the cockpit, and two wheels under each wing. The cockpit and other parts of the plane are open to allow the interior, including the engine, to be seen. The model has been painted olive green.

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