Gents pocket watch, steel case, open face, Switzerland, 1930s.

A cheap watch sold at Coles Variety Stores for 2 shillings and sixpence in the 1930s. George J. Coles founded his first store in Smith Street, Collingwood, a suburb of Melbourne, in 1914. His chain of Coles Variety of Stores became famous for their slogan 'Nothing over 2/6'. This watch was therefore pitched precisely at the limit of the store's prices, and would have been a symbol of the value that could be purchased cheaply in the stores.

Physical Description

Steel case, open face. Clear yellow plastic 'glass'. White dial has inner circle of large arabic numerals 1 to 12 and outer circle of small arabic numerals 13 to 24. Plates and wheels pressed from sheet metal. Stem and button wound spring; lever escapement.

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