Scale model of the 'Sunshine' stripper harvester, designed by Hugh Victor McKay. This early form of combine harvester was one of the first machines commerically available capable of stripping, threshing, winnowing, screening, and bagging grain crops such as wheat or oats. The model was made at the H. V. McKay Sunshine Harvester Works, Ballarat, 1899. Approximately one-fifth scale working model.

In 1912 Hugh V. McKay took the 1899 model to Russia to pursue the "splendid prospects" offered by exporting his products to the cereal growing areas of Russia.

Part of the H.V. McKay Sunshine Collection. which includes an extensive collection of business records and private papers relating the H.V. McKay and his enterprise.
The model was donated to the Science Museum of Victoria just prior to the merger of H.V. McKay Pty Ltd with the Canadian firm Massey Harris Pty Ltd in 1930.

Physical Description

Some details of model differ from the full size machine. Note the bagging arrangements, and chain drives.

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