Eleven lithographic stones.

Ten stones have a print adhered to the corresponding source stone with one stone (Tatchera) without a print and another (Victoria) with border remains of print only.
Nine stones are of Victorian counties and two are maps of Victoria. 1. County of Anglesey. 2. County of Bendigo. 3. County of Borung sheet 2. 4. County of Gladstone. 5 County of Grant. 6. County of Hampden. 7. County of Karkarooc sheet 2. 8. County of Ripon. 9. County of Tatchera sheet 2. 10. Map of Victoria North West sheet. 11. Map of Victoria (entire state).

The maps of the counties show the names of localities, parishes, roads, railways, property boundaries, and land formations such as lakes, swamps, creeks, rivers, ranges, hills and mountains. Details of each print or stone such as the map scales, dates, names of government printers, map sale prices and map code numbers are recorded in a supplementary file. These details for every map are not complete owing to missing pieces of print or the adhered print obscures the information on the stone.

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