Candlestick type telephone without auto-dialling. This type of telephone was used in Australia from the early 1900s. Auto-dialling was introduced during the 1920s.

Physical Description

Metal telephone painted black with circular base, silver metal dial and tall neck with plastic receiver. The black plastic handset is on the left and is attached to the base by a textile cord. There is a longer textile cord that would connect it to electricity.

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    Information & Communication

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    On back of receiver: No 22 PX/1 On dial: [Numbers from 1 to 0] A B F J L M U W X Y/TELEPHONE No/LISTEN/BEFORE/CALLING/PULL DIAL/ROUND TO/STOP & LET GO On base: COMMONWEALTH/OF/AUSTRALIA/P.M.G

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    Communications, Telephony, Telephones

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    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    145 mm (Width), 147 mm (Depth), 295 mm (Height)
    Length of handset cord: 720mm; length of electricity cord: 1750mm

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