Ful-Vue Super camera with fixed lens manufactured by Ross-Ensign Ltd, England, circa 1954.
It takes 6cm × 6cm photographs on 120 roll film and has a shutter speed of 1/30 sec. Focussing was by possibly pulling the lens out for close exposures.

Marcel Natkin [1904-1962], writer, is quoted as saying of this camera: 'The Ful-Vue camera is really a very simple camera. It consists of a light-tight box. In front of the box there is a hole, over which the lens is fixed. Behind this hole is the shutter. There is a second lens in a second box above it. This produces a picture on the viewfinder on top of the camera. In the back of the box is another hole covered by a red window. This helps you in winding the film on, which you do by the knob at the side of the box near the top.'.

Physical Description

Grey cast metal camera with hood on top that surrounds the viewfinder (only visible from top view). Viewfinder lens sits above the lens on front of camera. Single speed shutter, extendable lens tube and meniscus lens. Fabric cord strap.

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