Central Processing Unit for Digital "Rainbow" system, comprising Z80A/8088 CPU unit, monochrome monitor, keyboard, dot-matrix printer, software and manuals. Made by Digital Corporation in United States of America, in 1983.

The CPU unit is a Digital "Rainbow" Model PC100-B3 in vertical stand, serial number WFF1882. It has 128 K of random access memory, and two 5¼ inch floppy disk drives, each disk holding 400 Kb of memory. The monitor is a monochrome model VR241-A, and the keyboard is a 105 key LK201-AZ. The printer is a model LA210-A3 dot matrix "Letterprinter" with serial number TA07364. The software included comprises CPM 86/80 and MS-DOS 2.11 operating systems, Lotus 1-2-3, Dbase iii, Wordstar v.3.32 and a lockable box of floppy disks. Manuals for the computer and the software are also included.

Physical Description

Light yellow rectangular monitor: a monochrome model VR241-A

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