Gents pocket watch, silver case, John Bennett, London, circa 1880.
This watch was originally purchased by George Coleman, the great-grandfather of the donor, in 1881 from John Bennett, watchmaker at 65 & 64 Cheapside, London. He paid 6 pounds, 9 shillings and 6 pence for the watch. After his death in 1933 the watch was then passed down to his son Harry Coleman who kept the watch until his own death in 1946. At Harry's death the watch was passed to Harry's son George Harry Coleman who had it until 1972, when he died, and the watch was passed on to his sons, the donors.

A receipt issued by John Bennett, London on 26 May 1881 to Mr. Coleman, Ealing, for the purchase of the watch is registered at HT 3537.

Physical Description

White enamel open face dial with roman numerals. Seconds dial at 6. Outside of case has engineered decorative marking. Silver fob chain and brass and silver key. Key wound spring; lever escapement.

More Information