Griffin - Clarkesmith "Mechtronics" set. In wooden box. Comprises pegboard, valves, transistors, components, instructions for performing experiments.
Made by Griffin & George in England circa 1962.
Experiments and demonstrations run from batteries (not included). Spring terminals are used to avoid soldering. This set dates from the transitional period between thermionics (valves) and solid- state electronics (transistors), and represents an unusually wide introduction to basic principles. Experiments include, for example, bulbs in series and parallel, inductive circuits up to the mutual conductance of a pentode and use of a diode as a demodulator.

Physical Description

Wooden box with sliding lid shows partions with electronics components stored inside (speaker, resistors wire, etc). Yellow wooden board with grid of 160 holes to which connecting springs are screwed to. Instruction sheet comprises of 30 pages showing details of 22 experiments.

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