Aircraft History

The Fairey IIID seaplane was built by the Fairey Aviation Co. Ltd in the UK as a development of their 1917 F127 reconnaissance seaplane design for the Royal Naval Air Service. The IIID had a more powerful Rolls-Royce Eagle VIII engine and entered service in 1924. The type was also used by the Royal Australian Air Force who took over six IIID aircraft originally intended for the Royal Australian Navy. One of these aircraft (A10-3) was flown by Wing Commander Stanley Goble and Flight Lieutenant McIntyre on the first circumnavigation of Australia in 1924. The 8,000 mile flight began and ended in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria.

Model History

1:16 scale model of the Fairey IIID seaplane A10-3 flown by Goble and McIntyre was commissioned by the Museum and built by Harold P. Wood. It was delivered to the Museum in 1926.

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