Fultograph radio facsimile receiver with control unit. Manufactured by Wireless Pictures (1928) Ltd. Imported by Television and Radio Laboratories (later Radiovision) for their radio picture broadcasts through Melbourne radio stations 3UZ and 3DB and Sydney station 2UE between 1929 and 1932.

The transmitted picture was reconstructed at the receiving end on special paper treated with potassium iodide.

The device was powered by a clockwork motor, similar to that used in a gramophone.

Physical Description

Rectangular wooden case. Metal baseplate with black crackle finish carries mechanism at one end. Cover for mechanism is missing. Horizontal shaft extending from mechanism carries metal drum with clamp for holding sensitised paper in place. A sheet of paper is clamped on the drum. Two rails parallel to drum shaft carry stylus which moves over drum surface. Stylus mount is broken and stylus is present but detached. Control unit has provision for a single directly heated triode valve but valve is missing.

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