7 day recording aneroid barometer and bimetallic strip thermometer. No. F9953. Made by Short & Mason, London.
Barographs such as this record the changes in air pressure at a particular place over a period of time.

Physical Description

Barograph sits on top of a wooden plinth and is covered by a glass and wooden case. All wooden components are varnished hardwood. Wooden plinth contains a drawer and is rectangular with four bun feet and panels on the short side. The drawer is partioned into two parts The front section contains unused paper charts, a piece of scrap paper with annotations in red ball-point ink, a plastic pen and spare part. The back section contains used charts. The barograph consists of a recording pen, pen and pair of arms, metal barometric coil as well as the transfer mechanisms, translating the movement of the coil to the pen arm. All components except the drum are mounted on a gold coloured base plate. Additionally, there are two metal wells holding bottles of ink (one brown, one blue). There is a used chart mounted n the drum, dated 26/7/76. There is a spare pen nib resting on the metal base plate. The case has a wooden frame, with the five sides enclosing bevelled glass panels. The glass has a large circular hole to allow access to adjustment mechanisms on the instrument.

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