This piece of girder was claimed by the donor to be from the wreck of the German naval airship L31. However the donor also gave information. that it came from an airship lost on 24 September 1916 at Little Wigborough, UK. This would seem to indicate that the girder in fact came from a Zeppelin L33 which was forced down at Little Wigborough on this date. The L31 commanded by by Kapitanleutnant Heinrich Mathy was shot down at Potters Bar, UK on the night of 1/2 October 1916. Further confirmation of the L33 identity is provided by the donor's statement that another Zeppelin (L32) was lost on the same night which was the case on 24 September 1916.

The L33 was a new type of improved naval airship and was on its first bombing mission over the UK commanded by Kapitan Alois Bocker. It was damaged by anti-aircraft fire and landed at New Hall Farm, Little Wigborough in Essex where the crew escaped from the wreck which was then set on fire.

Physical Description

Consists of four frame sections riveted together in a cross-braced form.

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