Cycling prize awarded to Hubert Opperman, for the Malvern Star Sydney to Melbourne Road Race, 1930. The event covered 700 miles (1126.5 km) and was held over 5 stages between the 20th and 25th of October.

Many racers (including Percy Osbourne) sustained significant injuries. Competitiors included Muaclair (France), Lamb, Nicholson, R. Johnson and J. Bidot (France).

There was also a visible interplay between the French tactics (sticking together in groups) and the Australian tactics (to ride with whoever was fastest on the stage or in the right position). This was a difficult event, but it was reported that there wass no lasting acrimony between the cyclists.

The crowds for this race were enormous, with 8,000 alone congregating at the Bendigo stage/checkpoint.

Physical Description

Medal enamelled in red, white & blue on gold.

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