Green 'Florite' product sample from the De Marco Brothers circa 1920s. The De Marco Brothers were manufacturers and installation specialists of mosaic, terrazzo, ironite and granolithic flooring. Established by Italian brothers Severino and Annibale De Marco who migrated to Australia in the early 1900s, the De Marco Brothers business operated in Melbourne from circa 1914 - circa 1955. They made contributions to many prominent Melbourne building projects including the Myer Emporium (Myers), the T & G Building and the Hotel Australia.

Physical Description

Green coloured concrete 'Florite' flooring sample in two parts consisting of a larger square section and a small rectangular piece. Product composed of compacted sawdust, asbestos (stony), magnesia & magnesium chloride. Front face of both tiles are lightly textured with some light surface scratching visible. The back of the larger section has newsprint adhered to surface. Newsprint partially shows two black and white images: Image on left is bordered with a thin line and shows men in uniforms in foreground holding a British flag with a house or building in the background. Image on right is bordered with a thin line, curved at the top left corner and shows a group of people in three-quater profile. A man wearing a suit can be distinguished in the top left of the image and a person wearing a light coloured jacket with a dark collar and hat can be distinguised in the top right.

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