Air cooled transmitting triode. Used in airborne radio transmitters prior to and during WW 2.
VT 25 and 10E/7312 were its RAF identification numbers; it was allocated CV1025 when the CV numbers were introduced around 1942.
7.5 volt directly heated cathode
This valve was manufactured for the RAF by a number of manufacturers but this example, though unbranded is clearly of M-O V manufacture because of the characteristic style of the DET25 marking.
The inscription 7.5 - 36 refers to the filament voltage and nominal power output respectively.
Manufacturer: Marconi-Osram Valve Co. England.

In 2011 it was popular amongst people who favour valves for use in high quality audio equipment.

Physical Description

Slightly shouldered cylindrical bulb mounted on a large British 4 pin base.

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