Pentode designed to allow control of its mutual conductance by varying its suppressor grid voltage. This allowed it to be used as a low level modulator or as a reactance valve. Also known as CV1116.
The 'Mazda Octal' base was introduced by Ediswan in 1938 but was not taken up by any other British manufacturers. It was abandoned by them after World War II (1939 - 1945).
The CV number and the letters KB/EN are the specification & qualification letters (KB) and the factory code (EN) indicating that the valve was manufactured for the British Armed Services and made in the Thorn-AEI factory in Sunderland, England.
6.3 V indirectly heated cathode. Used as a Class A R.F. amplifier.

Physical Description

Shouldered zinc coated bulb with Mazda octal base with 7 pins present and top cap.

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