Special quality version of the commercial types 6AM6 or EF91. It was designed for use in equipment where mechanical vibration and shocks are unavoidable and where statistically controlled major electrical characteristics are required.
Equivalent to 6064 also marked on this example as well as its CV number (CV4014).
It was designed for use as a wide band amplifier in television and radar.
6.3V indirectly heated cathode.
This example also carries CV markings (CV4014) indicating that it was made for military use. The CV factory code (B) does not look correct but the date code UH meaning August 1963 is close to the factory date code 3F3 indicating third week of June 1963 manufacture. The difference indicates the time between manufacture and the placement of the CV markings. The factory code R is consistent with the Mullard marking, meaning the Mitcham factory.
Manufacturer: Mullard Radio Valve Co., Mitcham, England

Physical Description

Tubular glass bulb with exhaust tip and 7 pin miniature base. Valve is contained in original carton. Rectangular carton coloured green, white and blue in various places. Company name and logo in red and white.

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