Paisley shawl worn by Isabella MacDonald for her wedding to James Abel in Aberdeen Scotland, 1851. It was probably purchased for her trousseau, as many of these shawls were in Scotland around this time. The shawl would have been a highly valued and was probably worn after the wedding. The shawl was then brought to Australia as a precious family heirloom by Maggie Stewart, Isabella's eldest grand-daughter, when she migrated in the late 1800s. It has continued to be passed down through the female line of the family.

This design was originally inspired by textile designs in Kashmir and shawls in this design peaked in popularity across Europe and the UK from 1740-1870. Paisley in Scotland maintained the most prolific and prolonged output of shawls in this design, hence 'Paisley' becoming the generic design term.

Physical Description

Finely woven twill tapestry technique wool shawl in 'Paisley' design. Colour palette red, orange, black, white and blue. Fringed edging.

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