Silver coin; Denomination: Penny
Roxburgh Mint
Alexander III (1249-1286), second coinage

Coins of the second issue of Alexander II have no names of moneyers or mints (18 mints had been involved in the first coinage). The new issue follows closely the re-coinage of Edward I of England in 1279 which had also abandoned the use of moneyer and mint names. The reverses of the Scottish coins do however contain some variety in the form of mullets and stars with different combinations and numbers of points. This has had meaning in terms of the responsible mint.

Holmes, Nicholas, Scottish Coins, NMS Publishing, Edinburgh (1998), ISBN 1-901663-02-7 gives:
20 points - Edinburgh
23 points - Aberdeen
24 points - Berwick
25 points - Roxburgh
26 points - Perth

This coin has 25 points

Obverse Description

At centre within line circle crowned head of the King facing left with sceptre at left; around, + ALEXANDER DEI GRA

Reverse Description

At centre partly within beaded circle long cross with six pointed voided mullet in three angles and a seven pointed star in the fourth (25 points); around, REX SCOTORVM +

Edge Description


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