Proof silver coin; Denomination: Groat
Royal Mint, London
Queen Victoria (1837-1901)

A groat is a 4 pence coin. The circulation groat with Britannia on the reverse was struck for Queen Victoria between 1838 and 1855. It was discontinued in 1856 but remained current until 1887. This proof was part of the Sydney Mint's exhibit at the 1879 Sydney International Exhibition. It formed part of the Sydney Mint collection until sold to Dr. Howat at the closure of theat mint in 1926. He donated it to this collection in 1926 on his return from New South Wales.

Obverse Description

Head of the Queen wearing ribbon in hair facing left; around, VICTORIA D G BRITANNIAR REGINA F D

Reverse Description

Britannia, draped and wearing helmet, seated facing right holding trident and resting right hand on an oval shield which bears the crosses of the Union flag; around, FOUR PENCE ;in exergue, 1857

Edge Description


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