A silver tetradrachm coin issued by King Antigonus II of Macedonia in the period 277-239 BCE.
Mint: not recorded.

Reference: Sear vol.2 No.6783.
Die axis: 12.

Obverse Description

Macedonian shield with Pan depicted at centre, behind Pan is a pedum.

Reverse Description

Athena standing facing left about to hurl a thunderbolt and protecting herself with a shield; on sides in Greek the legend: BASILEOS ANTIGONOY. In the field at left a monogram and at right a plumed Macedonian helmet.

Edge Description



Antigonus II Gonatas firmly established the Antigonid dynasty in Macedonia. He contended with other kings, Seleucus, Ptolemy, Lysimachus, and Pyrrhus, in retaining control of Macedonia, part of an the going power struggle after the break up of the empire of Alexander the Great.

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