Copper Halfpenny Token, minted by the Kangaroo Office in Melbourne, in 1854. It was issued by James Nokes, a Wholesale and Retail Grocer. Soon after issuing his tokens Nokes experienced monetary problems, and sold his grocery firm to T.W. Thomas & Co. who also issued halfpenny tokens employing the Hotham commemorative reverse.

The tokens were struck by Reginald Scaife at the Kangaroo Office, with dies prepared in Melbourne using steel die banks brought from England, on copper halfpenny blanks.

Previous Collections: Henry S. Smith

Physical Description

A round copper token (28 mm diameter) giving the name address and business of the issuer: James Nokes, Melbourne, grocer and on the reverse a stock reverse of the Kangaroo Office, Australia seated. Struck after the obverse die cracked.

Obverse Description

Legend in 3 lines (the first and last curved): JAMES NOKES / GROCER / MELBOURNE (Die cracked from rim to just below G of GROCER)

Reverse Description

Australia seated on rock facing to left holding an olive branch extended in her right hand and resting a staff on her left forearm; above, AUSTRALIA. Struck slightly off centre.

Edge Description


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