Sabbath School Jubilee Celebration, 1889.
Medal issued to commemorate a Sabbath School 50th jubilee celebration in 1889. It was commissioned by Mrs C. Palmer. 1839 was a signficant year for the Presbyterian Church in Australia. The Church was founded in South Australia that year, and in Melbourne Presbyterians were allotted a two acre site on the corner of Collins Street and Russell Street, on which Scots Church and its manse were built.

Obverse Description

At centre within wide rim, * / SABBATH / SCHOOL / CELEBRATION / 1889 * / LEV.XXV.10 (The last line refers to Leviticus 1.25.10 - and ye shall Hallow the 50th year)

Reverse Description

At centre within broar rim the biblical burning bush; below, EX.III.2; around, NEC TAMEN CONSUMEBATUR (nor yet was the bush consumed)

Edge Description


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