10 Cents, Issued by Malaya, Malaysia, 1945
Minted by Royal Mint, London

Obverse Description

Crowned head of the King facing left; around, GEORGE VI KING AND EMPEROR OF INDIA; artist's initials, PM, below neck

Reverse Description

At centre within a bead circle, 10 / CENTS; around, COMMISSIONERS OF CURRENCY MALAYA 1945

Edge Description



The British Government established the Malay Planning Unit in London in 1943 to prepare for the return to Civil Government to the area after the Japanese invasion force was removed. One of the steps it took was to have the Royal Mint strike coins, ready for placement in circulation soon after the return (the Japanese issued no coinage, relying on paper money). The coins were struck in London in 1943 and 1944 but all with the date 1943. They stock-piled in London until Malaya was placed under British Military Administration in August 1945 when the coins were soon put into circulation and a new issue, of which this coin was a part, bearing the date 1945 was begun. From 1943 the silver coins were struck with a 50% silver content (75% before the War) this, the post-war 1945 issue, retained the low silver content. The pre-war silver level was never returned to; in 1948 the use of silver in the coinage was abandoned, being replaced by a copper-nickel alloy.

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