Copper token; Denomination: Farthing
Struck by Ludovic, Duke of Lennox
James I (1603-1625)

Struck and issued under patent granted by James I to Ludovic, Duke of Lennox and James, Marquis of Hamilton either in 1614 (North) or 1622 (Grueber). Being an authorised farthing issue they are termed Royal tokens. The James I Royal tokens were the first copper currency in the English series. A farthing is a 1/4 penny coin. A great difference between the value of the metal and the currency value of these tokens led to extensive forgery and to their widespread unpopularity.

Obverse Description

Two sceptres crossed behind a crown; around, (mm. key) IACO D G MAG BRIT

Reverse Description

Harp surmounted by a crown; around, FRA ET HIB REX

Edge Description


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