Proof gold coin; Denomination: 5 Pounds
Royal Mint, London
Queen Victoria (1837-1901)

Part of a proof set, 5 pounds to threepence, displayed by the Melbourne Branch of the Royal Mint at the Centennial Melbourne International Exhibition, 1888

Obverse Description

Bust of the Queen facing left the small wearing imperial crown, long veil falling behind her head, pearl necklace and earring, Ribbon and Star of the Garter and the badge of the Imperial Order of India; in small raised letters on the bust truncation, the artist's initials J.E.B. (Joseph Edgar Boehm); around, VICTORIA D:G: BRITT: REG: F:D:

Reverse Description

St George on horseback advancing to right, wearing a helmet and cape and brandishing a sword, attacking a fallen dragon with broken lance in its side; in small letters at right and just below exergue line, B.P. (Benedetto Pistrucci); in exergue, 1887

Edge Description


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