Gold coin; Denomination: Stater.
Struck at Camulodunum (Colchester)
Issued by Addedomaros, King of the Trinovanes (circa 20 BC-10 BC)

Addedomaros was King of the Trinovanes perhaps early in the reign of the Roman Emperor Augustus (d. AD 14). His coinage was attributed to the Iceni by Evans but is now believed to belong with the Trinovantes.

Obverse Description

Star shaped ornament formed by six curved wreaths meeting at three open crescents at the centre.

Reverse Description

Horse advancing right; below, a box like feature with three beads above it (the top of a cornucopia); above, a group of three small triangular objects set in a circle with a bead between each; below the tail, a ring ornament; the legend ADDIIDOM is mostly off the flan with only the DIID section partly present (the 'D's seem to be in the form of pointed shield-like thetas).

Edge Description


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