Silver coin, Denomination, Groat
Royal Mint, London
Edward IV, First Reign, (1461-1470)

Light Coinage. The groat was a fourpence coin. The date of coin production can be ascertained by the use of initial marks (also called mint marks abbreviated as mm).

Obverse Description

A crowned bust of the King facing within a tressure of nine arches, fleurs on cusps, quatrefoils on each side of neck, trefoil on breast; around, (mm rose) EDWARD DI GRA REX ANGL Z FRANC

Reverse Description

A long cross pattee dividing the legend, three pellets in each arm; around in two concentric circles, (mm cross?) POSVI DEVM ADIVTORE MEVM - CIVITAS LONDON eye after CIVITAS (translation: I have made God my helper - City of London)

Edge Description


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