Copper one Penny Token, minted by an unknown Bristish mint. Issued by Davies, Alexander & Co., of the Australian Store, Goulburn, New South Wales.

Physical Description

A round copper token (34 mm diameter) featuring the name and business name of the issuer, Davies, Alexander & Co. AustralianStores of Golburn. It features Arms with the motto ADVANCE AUSTRALIA and a Golden Fleece . Obverse: No comma after the word DAVIES. Inner circle of 115 dots. The word GOULBURN is 19.0 mm long and starts 5.3mm from the stop. Reverse: The kangaroo's tail points to the E. The word STORES is 14.8 mm long and starts 3.8 mm after the N. Inner circle of 154 dots.

Obverse Description

At centre within a circle of dots a Golden Fleece; around above, DAVIES ALEXANDER & Co; below, . GOULBURN .

Reverse Description

Coat of Arms consisting of a central shield below a Rising Sun supported by an emu at left and kangaroo at right all resting on a ribbon with the motto ADVANCE AUSTRALIA. The shield is quartered and contains: upper left - a golden fleece; upper right - a three-masted sailing ship; lower left - a bull standing facing left; lower right an anchor; above, ESTABLISHED; below, 1837; around outside circle of beads, AUSTRALIAN STORE GOULBURN

Edge Description


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