Bronze Halfpenny Token, probably minted by Heaton and Sons, Birmingham. Issued by J. MacGreggor, Sultan's Steam Coffee Works & City Tea Warehouse, Sydney, circa 1868. James MacGregor's first business opened in 1855 at 464 Elizabeth Street. In 1861 he moved to 204 Pitt Street, between King and Hunter Streets. His success led him to move to 320 George Street in 1865, and he continued to do well in business for another couple of years. Unfortunately, the tokens he commissioned from Heaton and Sons, Birmingham, arrived in 1868, the same year the N.S.W. Government decided to demonetise tokens. This issue consequently holds the doubtful honour of being the last in N.S.W. and the entire issue is thought to have been sold for scrap, at a significant loss for MacGregor.

Previous Collections: William M. K. Vale

Physical Description

A round bronze token (25 mm diameter). The token design featues the name, address and business of the issuer: J. MacGregor, 320 George Street Sydney, City Tea Warehouse and The Sultan's Steam Coffee Works. The reverse features a Coat of Arms with emu and kangaroo supporters and the motto ADVANCE AUSTRALIA.

Obverse Description

At centre within circle of dots; J.MACGREGOR / 320 / GEORGE STREET / SYDNEY; around THE CITY TEA WAREHOUSE . * . Border of 146 denticles.

Reverse Description

Arms of New South Wales with motto ADVANCE AUSTRALIA on ribbon below; ESTABLISHED 1855 above and below within a circle of dots; around, . THE SULTAN'S STEAM COFFEE WORKS . SYDNEY. Border of 145 denticles.

Edge Description


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