Australia New South Wales Sydney
Whitty & Brown Token Penny c.1860 (AD)
Mint: Whitty and Brown

Standard References: Andrews 630 = Heyde 202/3

Physical Description

A round copper token (34 mm diameter). The token does not include the name the issuer and manufacturer: Whitty & Brown, Sydney, but the shared reverse die and characteristic poor workmanship make it clear that this company was responsible. It features a ram facing left and a representation of Justice standing blindfolded holding scales and an inverted cornucopiae spilling fruit on the ground. A sailing ship is on the horizon. The die work is of poor quality and the token weakly struck. This token was struck during the third stage of the obverse and second stage of the reverse dies. The stages of deterioration of the obverse die are recognised by the development of projections from the base of the ground into the exergue area, on this token there is two large projections, one from from the right side the second from the centre. Stage 1 of the reverse is easiest to recognise by the fold of cloth which curves over the right shoulder and arm of Justice, on Stage 2 it is reformed as a sleeve squared off half way down the arm.

Obverse Description

Ram standing facing left; around above, PEACE AND PLENTY; around below, . SYDNEY . N.S.W. Two die flaws one from the right side and a second from the centre of the ground extending into the exergue.

Reverse Description

Justice blindfolded standing facing to left on beach; extends balanced scales in right hand and holds inverted cornucopia from which fruits flow onto the ground in left; sailing ship in background at left.

Edge Description


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